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Heibschneider Electric Hot Knife

£133.50 £110.99(inc VAT)

4.5 average, based on 2 reviews

Manufacturer: Heibschneider


Product Information

HSGM hot rope knife / cutter. This is the rope cutter of choice for many professionals.


Hand operated, suitable to cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabric, such as cords, ropes, bands and belting fabric. Heat up time of blades approx 6-8 seconds. Heat may be controlled by switching tool on and off.

Technical Specification
Supply Voltage230v - 50Hz
Power Input60W
Intermittant Operation1/4 min
Class II Protection
2m Cord with UK plug

Product Code: hhhk

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5

Work well

I've been using the Weller Thermaboost TB100UK for cutting 6mm and 8mm braid on braid. It's really slow, you need to press the "boost" button several times and saw at the rope even on the 6mm. So I thought sod it and try this one as good reviews on Amazon. Just arrived and tried it on 6mm braid on braid and it's so much better. Like the proverbial hot knife and butter. I'll keep the Weller though as it has a butter knife like blade that is handy for shaping the end of the rope to squeeze it through close fit holes (tufnal sliders on my guy ropes). Not cheap but buy cheap, buy twice....

Steven Clements :: Aug 11 2021, 17:43 pm

Rope Cutter

First class product,great service.

Peter Hunter :: Mar 01 2012, 19:30 pm

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