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How to Splice Rope

Eye Splice on Double braid Polyester

These splicing demonstrations are courtesy of Selma, the Norwegian manufacture of the Selma Fids Splicing Needles.

Mark the rope a needle length from the end (A).

Mark again at (B) according to the loop size. Tie a knot
about 60 in. from (B).

Extract the core at (B) using a small needle.

Take out the slack from the cover by sliding your hand
from the knot towards (B).

Withdraw another needle - length of core from (B) and mark this point (C).

Withdraw another 2/3 of a needle and mark it (D) on the core.

To make the splicing easy, extract some more core and make a lock on using a small needle near (B).

Find the right needle for splicing and feed the cover-end into the needle (C) and take it out at (D).

Remove the needle and pull cover back into core until the end is hidden.

Attach the core-end into the needle and insert a needle near (C) and out of cover in one past (B).

Pull the core through the cover until the slack is taken up.

Get the splice (C-D) into the cover by sliding the cover back
over until it reaches point (A).

Point (A) and (B) should now meet.

Cut off the exposed core and stretch the eye until the core goes under the cover.

You have now made a perfect eye-splice.

If you want to insert a thimble, the eye-size is to be calculated less than the circumference of the thimble.

If desired a thimble can be inserted. Press cover towards thimble, and secure by whipping with twine.

Eye Splice on Three strand Ropes

These splicing demonstrations are courtesy of Selma, the Norwegian manufacture of the Selma Fids Splicing Needles.

Untwist the strands and make 1, 2 and 3 ready.
Decide eye size.

Put strand 1 under upper strand of rope.

Turn eye anticlockwise until strand 2 is up.



Put strand 2 under strand of rope next to cord 1.

Turn eye anticlockwise until 3 is up.

Put strand 3 under cord of rope next to strand 2.

You have now made one round of splicing.

Tighten up strands after each round.

Start second round by going with strand 1 over strand of rope and under the next.

Do the same with strand 2 and 3.

Do four rounds with all strands.

Cut ends near rope and the splice is finished!


Tapering D2 and V2


Decide where you would like to taper the rope and lock stitch the cover to the core using some whipping twine.



Measure 30cm down from the lock stitch and bunch up the cover of the rope. Then cut across the rope from one of the markers until this marker appears again taking care not to cut the core. The cover will open up and you can discard the cover you do not want.



Take a splicing fid and pick out the plaits of the rope 1cm down from the lock stitch until all of the plaits have been released.



Take a large splicing needle and insert it into the core of the rope 35cm from the lock stitch towards the lockstitch.



Push the needle through the centre of the core until it emerges 1cm in front of the lock stitch where you have picked out the cover plaits.



Tape the separated cover plaits together and insert through the eye of the needle. Then pull needle out of the core taking the cover with it.



Once the needle has emerged from the core remove the cover from the needle and cut away the tape, then milk the core back over the cover until the cover disappears.



Then take some whipping twine and whip over the join between the core and cover.

Kingbraid/Marlowbraid or Mattbraid Covered Eye Splice


Tie knot 3 meters from end then cut off heat sealed end, pushing back outer case exposing 10cms of inner core. Holding end of case to the core, push back slack for 1 meter.



Mark 'A' 30cms from end. Form eye size, mark 'B' on standing part of rope.



Open cover at 'B', and pull out core, taping it with rigging tape opposite 'A'.



From tape, reduce core by 50% and tape loose ends, pushing slack back to 'B' until core starts to move. Insert needle 35cms from 'B' and, taking care not to ensnare core, push needle down inside outer case until it emerges at 'A'.



Thread core tail into eye of needle pull out of rope until eye has formed and end of core has emerged.



Unpick and cut out 6 yarn ends 5cms from eye end of case tail. Push back some slack towards the eye ready for next stage. Insert needle 20cms from neck of the eye, emerging at 'A/B', thread cover into needle and pull down through rope.



Pull tight, give the splice a good shock to bed the yarns down, and cut off ends. Finally, run a hand over cover from eye end downwards until the ends disappear inside the rope.



If a thimble is required, insert while eye is being formed, before ends are pulled tight.








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